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Re: Interesting - they screwed up again

SilentHyena said:
[quote name='madecov']Link says product not found

I just received this email after I placed my order:

"The comments for your order are

Thank you for your order! Sir we have this on order, we are expecting them anytime, we will ship you one as soon as they arrive from Smith and Wesson.

Your order has been updated to the following status.

New status: Processing

Please reply to this email if you have any questions."

I have a saved screen shot listing it as the 209200 model for $399.

They also had the 109203 M&P40C lsited as a 12rd capacity for a while ... till they fixed it.[/quote]

Right on!!!!

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Re: An even better deal!!!!....

Congrats on your kick butt package! Wish I could have came up with a couple hundred more to score this set up, but I am still happy with the M&P9 and the price of $399.....I will just have to buy everything else seperate.....grrrr

Nice set up bro!

RonJon said:
...from, would you believe, Gander Mtn.?

It's a NIB S&W M&P .40 cal, 15+1 shot, three mags, holster, dual mag pouch, 3 customizable palm swells, padlock, open chamber flag and fitted case.

I got the 'Law Enforcement' Model - SKU: 220052 (no integral lock, no magazine safety - so it can still fire w/out a mag in it).

And the best part: The MSRP is $664 for this Pkg., but I had a promotional coupon that was on its last day before expiration good for $100 off, and the gun was on clearance for $479.97, and they had 2 unopened-still-in-the-box sets in the back room.

So, bottom line with sales tax, I got it out the door for $406.57! (Which is cheaper than Bud's since it is O.T.D. including transfer and no shipping!)

Took it out with my son to the range Easter day and it fired everything I gave it without a hiccup - and it is noticeably even more accurate than my XD-45 Springfield Armory Service pistol (another great deal that I wrung out of Cabela's.)

I finally got another good deal outa Gander Mtn. - Its been a long, dry spell!



I used my Gander card so this purchase will get me very near to a $25 certificate for any merchandise at Gander.

And I have sent off for a free S&W range bag (that is only known to those who find it out on the internet).

It's worth ~ $50 and is available to anyone buying any new S&W handgun between May 1, 2006 - Jun 30,2007. Here's the site ==> Score a S&W range bag

I got one of these range bags before (on another S&W purchase) and they are much nicer than I had expected! :mrgreen:
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