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FWIW - Story I came across today.

Some area law enforcement agencies have stocked up on ammunition in recent months after rumors of shortages and backorders caused by increased usage by military and law enforcement in the ongoing war on terror.

Though Jeffersonville-based Kiesler Police Supply and Ammunition Co. sent a letter in February to law enforcement agencies in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio, alerting them to a continued ammunition shortage, many local agencies are not worried about running out of bullets.

“We wish to advise every police and sheriff department or agency in our territory (whether or not you are a customer of Kiesler’s) that deliveries of duty and practice ammunition are horribly backordered,” the letter read.

The Bluffton Police Department received the letter, and Chief Tammy Shafer informed the city’s board of works about the matter not long afterward.

Her second-in-command, Deputy Chief Nathan Huss, said the department made an extra order at the beginning of March, in part to combat what Kiesler promised were lengthy delays in receiving certain types of ammunition.
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