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oldschool63 said:
I am thinking about sending my M&P 9 to Burwell Gunsmithing but I have never had him work on one of my guns and I do not know anybody who has. I would like to get your opinion abut his work.

I am thinking about having a front fiber optic sight put on and the trigger worked on and maybe the slide media blasted.

I have a few questions.

1 Did he have the work completed when he said he would?

2 Where there any hidden charges?

3 How is the quality of his work?

4 If you had a problem with his work did he make it right?


1. I never asked for a time frame since I wanted so much done, and was overseas while it was getting done so it didn't really matter to me. But if you search the forums here you'll find people always praise him for getting it back to them on time.

2. Zero

3. Impeccable.

4. N/A - Never had a problem, but if for some reason you do Dan will stand behind his work and make it right with you.

I had him do pretty much everything he offers on my 9c - sharkskin stipple everything including trigger, melt job, teflon nickel coating, his rear sight, front night sight, trigger job, etc. and it all turned out amazing. He currently has my M&P45 and is doing a ton on that too. No idea when it should be done as I never asked, but I know it will be in a timely manner, and it will definitely exceed my expectations.

You won't regret having him do work on your gun. Period.
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