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I've been behind the curve these past few weeks and suffice to say that an apology needs to go out to Dan for not getting back to him about the work he did on my M&P.

I needed the M&P for the IDPA Nationals and Dan offered to get the trigger worked on for me in time for it. Dan, the M&P ran beautifully and Kenny's FO you put up front is dead-on, brother. I had less points down at this Nationals then I ever did before.

I was very psyched about possibly placing until I got to the last bay; 5 light strikes = 5 malfunctions (7 total). Before anyone jumps to conclusion, it had nothing to do with the M&P; it was a bad batch of factory ammo (WWB). After the Nats, I changed my ammo and ran an additional 2500 rounds thro' it sans any problems.

Anyway, I would not hesitate to recommend that you send your baby to Dan and let him dose it with some of his magic

Dan, my man, I owe you one.

P.S. I let Pat Goodale ( try the M&P last weekend and and he got 5 out of 5 shots on a steel plate @125 yards during a carbine class. Unbelievable.
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Thank you for the kind words.

I told you need start reloading. :wink: I have a killer IDPA recipe for you.
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