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Buying online when living in California.

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Is futile. At least where I live. Even if I could get an M&P9 or 40 through Buds. The FFL and other transfer fees cancel out the savings, sometimes even ends up costing more.
Oh, how I envy folks who pay something like $50 or less for their transfers. At the same time, it's hard getting a good deal on almost anything for me. I'm just bummed out tonight. Sorry.
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Where in Cali are you?

I may be able to help you.

Find a local gunsmith they have to have FFL's and usually don't mind making a couple bucks without actually touching a gun. Just open up the yellow pages and call a few.
Shop around, the prices for dealer transfers vary tremendously, most dealers charge around $20 in this area, but some are less than $10, and there are some that don't want to fool with it and charge an arm and a leg.

On some forums they have a state forum where people can trade local information, like where to get transfers done for a reasonable price, an example is this one:
Exiledviking said:
Where in Cali are you?

I may be able to help you.

I live in the Bay Area. One of these days, I'll move.
i bought my m&P for 522$ 1 day after they jacked up the price from 499.

I paid 50$ total for transfer fees, about 30$ shipping

came out to just about 600$ for my m&p with night sights
MP4ME - Out in Modesto there is a Pawn Shop who will do transfers for $35, he is listed on Buds Gunshop ffl list, zip code 95354.

I know it may be a bit of a drive but there are a lot of BATs out here (Bay Area Transplants). Maybe you'll run into someone you know.
actually im orig from the bay area, Concord if u know where that is.. I visit every once in a while, PM me if u want

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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