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Well, I finally bought an M&P22 and picked it up yesterday. It is definitely a different pistol design internally. Hate to admit it, but, I actually had to READ THE DIRECTIONS in order to take the slide off........

I kinda like it. It's a fixed barrel design, not terribly different than my wife's PPK/s design from the 1920's.

It took me a while to get one because I didn't really care about one with the threaded barrel and such. I just wanted a basic .22 M&P that was as similar to the wife's M&P9 compact so that we could shoot a little more economically. After going to a Appleseed Pistol event (Pistolseed) and using our M&P9's for 2 days, we went through ALOT!!!!! of 9mm over 2 days and reclaiming the brass just really wasn't that much of an option due to time constraints and training tempo.

There are many videos on YouTube about removing the manual safety and mag safety on the M&P .22, if you bought a .22 compact, it is a different gun than the full size .22 and there aren't many videos available for it.

If you have the .22compact, I will link the only videos (3 parts) that I could find detailing how to completely detail strip the gun, this is what I used to learn how to remove those safeties.

Now for the warning, removing safeties is a personal decision and can be dangerous if you do something dumb.

I am not responsible for any injury or death resulting from the advice given on how to remove them. I'm not a lawyer and I did not sleep at a holiday inn express last night.

.22 compact detail strip videos

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