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Can you get the M&P to unintentially discharge?

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Didn't know how to word this better in the topic line b/c of the space...but this is a question on the safety of the M&P.

I'm curious to how the DAO pistol works (first one I've owned...coming from the 1911 family). There isn't a "hammer" like other pistols, so I'm guessing the fire pin is the only thing that comes back and then goes forward? If so, could you drop the pistol juuuust right and have it go off?

Since it is a Double Action pistol, I imagine it would be kind of hard to accidentally pull the trigger to get it to have an accidental discharge, so the only way I can think of for this to go "boom" without wanting it to go "boom" would be the above scenario.

Just curious....I do own a M&P40, just was wondering about this.

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Short answer is 'NO' on the drop thing , every manufacturer now test their weapons for this type of thing .
That's right it can only fire when the trigger is is pulled, which lifts an internal safety plunger.
Notice the hinge in the middle of the trigger? If you push on the bottom part of the trigger (unloaded), initially it travels by itself, it has to travel a certain distance before the rest of the trigger can follow.

The firing pin cannot contact the primer unless the bottom part of the trigger is pressed, you have to pull the trigger to get a cartridge to fire.
Ahh, didn't know it had an "internal plunger". I searched a bit for info on it and couldn't find the safety features (except for the internal lock and mag disconnect, which I didn't care about).

The internal plunger is sometimes refered as a 'firepin safety' or 'firepin block'
You can see how the FPSB (or the "plunger") works if you go to the S&W site, M&P Pistols section, and click on the "See the M&P in Action" button. Here:;isFirearm=Y
Can the MP fire out of battery, like the Glocks?
K said:
Can the MP fire out of battery, like the Glocks?

Mine doesn't.
Mine does not either, from what I can tell it is SAO. The sear is kept when you rack the slide, but there is a positive block on the pin to prevent it from firing when droppped.
In a word....No. I have check the design in CAD 5 ways from sunday and even tortured one that had a run in with a machine mauling the grip area.
Puffy said:
In a word....No. I have check the design in CAD 5 ways from sunday
You have the M&P in CAD? As in .DWG, .DXF, .IGS or something???
O crap now im in trouble.... you never saw this post... in fact Im not really here...shhhhhhhhh.
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