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Can't decide on a thread title

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"Lord, why must you tempt me so???"

"What would YOU do?"

"Okay, but I better win the PowerBall..."

"Mom and Dad raised a good 'un"

"The downside to being a boyscout" alt. "The downside to being a fine, upstanding citizen"

So I go to Dick's Sporting Goods to buy my case of Remington UMC for $7/box. The guy in "the lodge" hands me a brown case carton, fully sealed with the (10) boxes in it. I get to the front register and the pimply faced kid that would've fallen over in a light breeze, nervously scans all 8 barcodes on the box with no joy. "SKU not recognized." He's clearly new. So he finds and hand enters the SKU, breathes a sigh of success when it's recognized, and says "that'll be $9.52".
Obviously the SKU is for one unit or box of (50), but there's ten boxes. I'm not perfect, so for about five seconds, my mind went into overdrive justifying how it'd be alright to "stick it to 'the man' ", because if you're keeping score, I get screwed out of money wwaaaaayyy more than I screw someone else out of money. :twisted: But, I cave and just start laughing. I said dude, I'd be stealing if I didn't say anything, but $9.52 is just for one box with no case discount. There's (10) boxes in this carton. It should be $6.99 times 10. So, kool-MO-D (Manager On Duty) sees the line backing up and comes bounding over to bail out junior here. The rest of the transaction goes fine. I saved $30 with the sale price and hopefully my reward will be a little more grace when my time comes to be judged. Can't put an earthly price on that. Right? Right???
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You passed the test. Do unto others as you would have them do to you--God said that and he meant it!
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