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Careful of the sand....

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OK, I'll start this off with a pic.

These are a pair of black shoes exposed to the sand I'm talking about. After they have been cleaned off. We're talking sand somewhere between the fineness of talc and confectioner's sugar. Fine enough it actually gets embedded in the fake suede and jsut goes righ through the cordura-like areas of the shoe.

That being said, I was loading my rounds to 1.33 nominal OAL, and found that if I didn't clean my mags, I could get a jam. GOt a nasty surprize on one stage where I fire 5 rounds and then nada. I'm wondering how the hell I forgot to top off a mag until later I pick it up and count out the other 5 rounds (was shooting production).

MAke sure your mags are clean. On top of that I HIGHLY suggest degreasing the mags to remove whatever the heck it is that S&W coats the innards with. It aggravates the situation by being too damn sticky. Mine are getting degreased and treated with a dry film lube.

My rounds are also getting shortened to SAMMI specs.

Other than that, I have to say the accuracy of the gun is what I expected. the 25 yard shots were much better than I have been managing with my other guns. It almost makes me want to break out long range standards and see how I do with the M&P.

One thing I always find in competition is that reloads go smoother than in dryfire practice. I dunno why, they just do. Perhaps it has to do with not faking it and things behaving like they should. Reloads iwth the steel mags in the plastic gun = SMOOOOOOOTH and fast. Effortless. It simply rocks. I guarantee I picked up time on reloads compared to how I have been shooting lately.

One other thing I noticed. Strong hand only and weak hand only shooting. I'm coming from a deep seated love of heavy guns. I decided I needed a 15 round .40, and picked the M&P after test-groping one. I figured why not try short and light. Well, with short and light, strong hand and weak hand shooting is MUCH easier for me. The ergonomics help make it even easier, especially trigger control with the weak hand.

It was fairly hot out, and I was sweating a fair bit. I have to say I find the stock grips work for me just fine. No slipping, no irritation, they just worked. This is not something I can say of Glocks and USPs and XDs.

Speed and controlability were also quite nice. One of the stages we had set up was essentially a GSSF match crammed into one stage done through three ports. The plate rack went down smooth, and I got all my hits out to 25 yards, and they were mostly good hits. Granted I'm shooting minor, but sight movement and muzzle rise were quite tractable. Probably a tad nicer than a glock, but not as good as a widebody 1911 style gun.

The gun was just plain fun to shoot, and frankly other than the 1911, it's the only gun I would consider owning more than one of.

I wonderif an M&P45 means there could be an M&P 10mm.. That'd be awesome.
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I didn't get a mag safety either.
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