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CCW Law Sites

15580 Views 22 Replies 18 Participants Last post by  gearheadrh used to be good, what are some others.
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So what the heck happened to They seemed to have disappeared. Must be an evil government conspiracy or somethin'!
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Can anyone reccomend good Michigan sites?

Hey I killed this thread almost a month ago, so stop trying to revive it!
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Jester said: used to be good, what are some others.

Does that site still exist? I can't access it.
calmp9 said:
[quote name='Jester'] used to be good, what are some others.

Does that site still exist? I can't access it.[/quote]

No it does not. It went down a few months ago.
AWESOME web site of compiled news

Went to the link ( in a previous reply and couldn't help but be overwhelmed by the vast numbers of complied news stories about law abiding citizens defending themselves.

Eveyone here, EVERY elected people's representative in every state capitol, and ESPECIALLY Washinton D.C. should sit down and read these. Then try to make a case for the evils of guns!!!
This should be a pretty short web site

choochboost said:

Without seeing the actual site I can only surmise that it says:

Summary of California's Citizen's Rights to Wield Evil, Child Killing, Minority Oppressing Firearms

NONE!!! And stop asking because we in Sacremento don't want you competeing with armed criminals, after all, they deserve a chance too!

At least that's what the web site of my former home, Illinois, would say and Illinois is almost as liberal as Cali.
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Found the info I need to get my paper work stared in Florida.
Here is one I read frequently for Ohio:
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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