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My .45 Shield looked out of place when alongside my other two M&Ps, I'm just not into black guns.

Yesterday I got around to finishing it in FDE Cerakote.
Here it is after blasting and degreasing, now ready to spray:

I took it out after reassembly and put some rounds though it, and checked the zero, as I had taken the sights off.
Those tritium vials wouldn't fare well during the curing process, baking for an hour at 300 degrees:

The +1 mags are a bit long for carry, but feel better than the thin base plate, which are a bit too short for my hand.
I ordered a base pad from NDZ that has the curve for your little finger to rest on. That mag carried in the pistol will be a 6 round mag, but the other two carried in the belt mag pouch are still 7 rounders.
The base pad coming from NDZ is aluminum, and will come already coated in FDE Cerakote.
Here is the .45 Shield at the range along with one of my Mini-30s that I finished last summer in FDE and Desert Sand Cerakote:
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