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.40 has been what I've carried the last few years, both my FS and my Shield.
I like the power of the round, and I can shoot it decently enough for the few shots I'd need if I had to defend myself.
But the last few times I took my M&Ps out, I realized I don't enjoy shooting many rounds out of the .40.
My Shield is a Performance Center model, and I could shoot it as well or better than my Fullsize, and the recoil out of the ported gun was more tolerable as well.

I want to shoot a lot at the range, and with a 9mm I can do that, both ammo cost and comfort. So a few weeks ago I sold the FS .40 and bought a 5 inch MP9 in FDE. So far, my groups with it are about half what I was doing with the .40. And it is so soft shooting I can shoot it all day long.

And I decided since I was stocking up on 9mm, and the PC Shield was the only .40 I had left, I ordered a Remsport 40 to 9 ported Conversion barrel for my PC Shield. Now my PC .40 will be a PC 9mm.
Same ammo for both.

Since I have not gone totally wimpy, on Saturday I bought a .45 Shield.
I had one briefly a few years ago, and really liked it, but liked my PC .40 just as much, and the PC .40 used the same ammo as my FS, so I traded the .45 Shield for a 9mm Shield, which I gave to my daughter.

This new .45 Shield has an awesome trigger, even better than the PC Shield, and better than my FS M&P with Apex parts. Pull is very short and crisp.
While it has some recoil, it isn't bad at all, a slow shove compared to the .40 slamming the web of my hand.
Another caliber to stock up on, but I have a Ruger Flattop .45 Colt SA that came with an extra .45 ACP cylinder, so now maybe I'll get some use out of that other cylinder.

Pic of the M&P9, the new .45 Shield, and my PC .40 ( soon to be a 9mm).
I'm not a fan of all black guns, stands out a bit too much in the high desert where I live ( even stands out in the picture!)
So the .45 Shield will get some earth tones when I get my Cerakote gear out this spring.

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Oh yeah! You went from .40 to 9mm! Oh yeah!?? (Wanna fight?)

:D Welcome to the club. I doesn't happen with everyone, but it happens more frequently than we'd like to admit when we're younger. Amazing how age creeps up on us and things that weren't issues previously come to the forefront and what was previously unthinkable is now thinkable and doable. Lots of us go through it. I went through that years ago, but not for the same reasons. I couldn't see the iron sights on my 1911s the same way I could when my eyes were younger. Then the threat changed and round count became a bit more important. The solution was 9mm for me also. It's also cheaper to shoot than .45.

If the issue of .40 vs .45 vs 9mm is brought up (you didn't really do that) it never fails to get huge discussion that takes on the proportions of people thinking their manhood has been insulted and needs defending. But the fact is they all work and are all carried for the same purpose. OK, I'll also bring in the .380 since lots of folks can't handle anything bigger and the folks carrying that also do it for the same reason despite what others think of it. Emergency room Dr's don't put 9mm gunshot folks to the back of the line, and can't even tell what slug did the damage even when their hands are inside fixing things or pronouncing the time of death.

The wife and I go for walks and in years past I'd carry a black rifle. Today I'm putting together an arm braced .22 that holds 33 rounds totally contained in the pistol grip. Yeah, it's a mouse gun. But I'll sling it for 4 footed rabid animal protection and since I compete I can also make up for the mouse gun round with large numbers of them. Accuracy and speed are NOT problems for me as folks who've seen me shoot my PCC can attest. Times change and what we want to carry does as well. The new gun will weigh in at 3ish pounds. I'll never even know that it's on my body until it's needed. Could I carry something bigger? Sure I could. I just choose not to. But whatever I carry it'll be slung because I really dislike a belt carried anything anymore. I'd open carry a SBRed PCC or rifle if I could when going shopping, but it would get far too much attention of a type I don't want.

I was going somewhere with this. Oh yeah. I ask myself, "Would I want to be hit with it?". I have yet to answer that I would. If I asked that question of others I doubt that they'd answer in the affirmative either. .45, .40, 9mm, or even .22, we all do it for the same reasons and your selection or mine doesn't affect anyone else. Carry on, and carry what you wish.

After having written all of that, I have to tell you that I shoot with a gent older than myself. He's had a stroke and for a time was absent from matches. But he shoots a 1911 in .45ACP flavor, and I really enjoy seeing him shoot old slabsides and I've told him so. None of us are what I would call competitive anymore, but I also wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of any of us. I suspect you'd be in that category as well Sandog (better to be behind you rather than in front of). Stay sharp.
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