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"I'm betting on the new Smith and Wesson M&P 45

I think this is something we all here go along with.

Now I just hope those that make the decision see it as advantageous to go with an American company.


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General Information

Document Type: Presolicitation Notice

Solicitation Number: H92222-05-R-0017

Posted Date: Aug 26, 2005

Original Response Date: Nov 29, 2005

Current Response Date: Nov 29, 2005

Original Archive Date: Oct 14, 2005

Current Archive Date: Oct 14, 2005

Classification Code: 10 -- Weapons

Naics Code: 332994 -- Small Arms Manufacturing

Contracting Office Address

Other Defense Agencies, U.S. Special Operations Command, Headquarters Procurement Division, 7701 Tampa Point Blvd, MacDill AFB, FL, 33621-5323


The USSOCOM intends to issue a solicitation to obtain commercially available non-developmental item (NDI) Joint Combat Pistol (JCP) system, Caliber .45 (ACP). The Program will use full and open competition to fulfill the JCP requirement.

The JCP will be delivered in accordance with specification entitled "Performance Specification Joint Combat Pistol" to be provided with issuance of the solicitation.

Two configurations of the pistol will be required.

One configuration will have no external safety and the other configuration will have an external safety.

The Combat Pistol System consists of: a Caliber .45 pistol and its ancillary equipment including: Magazines (standard and high-capacity); Suppressor Attachment Kit for operation of the pistol with and without sound suppressor; Holster; Magazine Holder (standard and high-capacity); Cleaning Kit; and Operator's Manual.

The contract type will be an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) issuing Firm-Fixed Price (FFP) delivery orders.

The contract period of performance shall be Five (5)years with an option to extend for an additional Five (5) years.

The Minimum Quantity is 24 each Engineering Test Units (ETU's), 12 each with external manual safety and 12 each without external manual safety. The estimated Maximum quantities are: 45,000 no external safety JCP configuration and 600,000 JCP with the external safety configuration; 649,000 Holsters; 96,050 Standard Capacity Magazines; 192,099 High Capacity Magazines; 667,000 Magazine Holders; 132,037 Suppressor attachment kits; Provisioning Item Order, Technical Data Package and associated Data.

Transportation shall be F.O.B. Destination.

The solicitation will require, free of charge to the government, delivery of 24 each product samples along with a concise written proposal all due on the closing date stated in the solicitation.

The 24-each product sample from the successful offeror may be accepted as the Minimum Quantity. Any subsequent delivery orders for JCP's will order between 50 each and 200,000 each with a maximum monthly delivery rate of 5,000 each.

Any subsequent orders for the ancillary items will require delivery to commence within 60 days after receipt of order. The product samples and written proposal will be evaluated on a best value basis and the Government will reserve the right to award to other than the lowest priced offeror and other than the highest technically rated offeror.

Product samples from unsuccessful offerors will be returned to the offerors upon request and at the offeror's expense.

The Government cannot guarantee the condition of the product samples after testing.

All responsible sources may submit a proposal, which shall be considered by the agency. The Government intend to issue a draft solicitation.

Notifications, Solicitation, and other communication will be posted via FEDBIZOPS. Questions may be emailed to Contract Specialist, Mr.

As you can see the M&P could be in the running still

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