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Jus' wanted to see if anyone here enjoys stogies as much as I do??
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I enjoy a Punch or Monte Cristo every now and then.
I love a good stogie. I used to have one a day, but I've toned it down a lot. I usually have one or two a week now. My favorite is any size Padron. What do you enjoy?
I always enjoy a good Cigar right after a USPSA Nationals Match, sort of a Victory Cigar, that I finished a major match with a Minor ammount of Penalties
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I took up cigars about a month ago. I'm still trying different ones looking for a favorite. I did enjoy the Macanudo Gold Labels.
Nope...but i did bring some cubans back from bahamas for my uncle
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CAO Brazilia's and Punch box pressed Rare Corojo's...
i really like Monte no 4's but they are knda pricy. There is another branks that is outher that taste very close to them that I do smoke a lot of.
I have a cigar about once a month, I guess, usually Hoya de Monterrey excalibur 1066. Pretty cheap, and pretty tasty.
Nothing like a good stoge at the range !!!! very PC :twisted:
Favorite is Avo #2. Creamy and smooth yet has a little bit of flavor to it. This past year, I've been trying bolder and bolder cigars with a few Cuban's mixed in. I guess I'm a wimp because I nearly cried trying to finish one

I don't partake of them enough, I enjoy them immensely when I do.
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Don't feel bad... many people think that Cuban's are well past their prime as the best in the world... so many of the cigar makers have left Cuba and have been producing (even with Cuban seed?) in other countries... Like with wines, you like what you like... it doesn't have to be from some obscure region in France... Oregon might be just as good...

I am partial to:

Padron 1964 Imperial maduro

La Aurora Cien Anos corona #4

Arturo Fuente Hemingway classic

601 robusto

Ashton VSG (virgin sun grown) robusto

I started out trying to find a smoke that I could afford a box of but I can't find anything I like for under 5.00ea.

Oh well, I'll keep smoking and looking. If anyone has suggestions please let me know. Keep this in mind, I prefer a maduro over a natural. I'm not too fond of connecticut broadleafs or naturals.
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NCpilot - I have to agree with you. The best advice I ever got about stoges was this : find one that you like for under 10 bucks , and never mind where is was from. The only thing that matters is if you enjoy it or not .

I think that most cuban cigars are way over priced and hyped.

just my $0.02
Not sure how it happened but all these Cohibas were in our luggage when we got back from Jamaica

Well someone has to
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I just came across a killer cigar for only $4.25 called "Cusano 18". It's aged 18 years and it's a paired maduro. It left the best taste in my mouth for about an hour after I finished it. I got the robusto but it comes in several sizes. If anyone likes milder cigars the Zino classic from Davidoff is good for the $$. It's about $5.00.
I am a Romeo and Julieta kind of guy myself. Always a great and consistent flavor. I buy them by the box. :mrgreen:
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