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Cleaning/Stripping the M&P

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I finally took a few things apart on the M&P.

Once you find that yellow tab inside the slide at the back and lift it up with the tip of a pen its easy to take the slide off. The spring holding the barrel comes off easy, the entire process was less then 30 seconds.

The gun was very very clean considering I ve shot 600 rounds thru it without a major cleaning except the barrel with cleaning oil.

To replace the slide is as fast,, remember to put the yellow wire back in place.

I really didnt want to take it farther in the stripping process incase springs started jumping out.

Next project will be taking the mags apart to clean them, they are very dirty. I know its easy but I will wait a bit.


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I was suprised on how easy it was to clean my MP40. I fired about 500 rounds before cleaning. I shoot 1000 rounds in one session to see how dirty it gets. Hopefully I will get the chance next weekend.
I gave mine a good cleaning when I got it home yesterday. After the rain let up I ran a mag through it and the barrel looks like I never cleaned it. WWB is dirty ammo.
Compared to the Walther PPK/S which I shot the same amount of ammo thru the M&P looked unfired. I was surprised on how clean it actually was.

This gun is really growing on me.

I wonder what the chances are the dealers will have a 9 mm at the July 15th show. I have called the local guys and no one has a 9 mm in stock.

I guess with 100 dealers at our next show a 9 mm will be available.

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How "dirty it gets" depends a lot on what ammo is being used.
I have been using the WWB. Good stuff for shooting in my opinion.

I bought some expensive stuff at the gun shop recently for both guns. Instead of $11 per box of 50 this stuff was in the $20 range per 50. I am using them for CCW, hollow pointed jacket nice ammo.

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