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Comp-Tac Holsters

Hey You guy's, What's Happening? I tell ya! After goin through the process of deciding on the M&P's as my choice for a new 9mm compact and a 40 cal full size pickin the right holster is a tough business. I mean...if I can be as happy with my choice of holster as I am with my decision to go with S&W M&P's I'll be one damn happy camper.

All the positive reviews of the Comp-Tac (Infidel and C T A C) are impressive to say the least and have my attention. Originally I had my heart set on a really good leather holster for both OWB and IWB (two separate holsters), but now I'm not sure because of your great reviews of the Comp-Tac holsters.

I have one major unresolved concern. Based on the great pic's you've all so gnerously shared with us I am still leaft with one question unanswered. I think we're all looking for a ccw, but where are the pic's and reviews with the pistol concealed? I haven't seen any of those or read a word about really concealling your pistol using the Comp-Tac.

I would really like to hear and see some pics on this aspect of the holster. No coats allowed because I know we can conceal a horse under those. lol well does it conceal???


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