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Range time this afternoon, just an hour late in the afternoon. I TRIED to get there

in time for my chronograph to have enough light to work. Either there wasn't or

it's broke.

My goal was to chrono some carry loads with Gold Dot bullets, as I am trying to match

factory +p defensive loads used by law enforcement.

Chrono out of the picture, I decided to just bench shoot for accuracy. Here's the results.

Oh..... these would be the 250th to 300th rounds from this pistol since I got it a few weeks ago.

All but 100 being my handloads (handloads probably all it will ever see again).

Powders and bullet tried today were Bullseye and Win 231. Bullets tried today were

Speer Gold Dot 124 grain, and hard cast lead round nose 124 grain.

The lead did not shoot well with the 4.5 grains of 231, leaving patterns at 50 feet I could cover with my hand. The same bullet with a moderate/heavy charge of bullseye would shoot into 3"

The Gold Dots would shoot acceptably well with either powder in heavy charges, but the clear winner was Bullseye. Recoil at these max-charge loadings was not harsh at all, feeling

quite controllable. Until I get my Chronograph up and running I won't know if I found my

carry load or not, but it sure looks promising.

Function: So flawless I almost forgot to mention it. Nothing really to talk about.

It just works perfectly with everything I shoot in it so far. Not one hiccup.

No FTF, no FTE, nothing. Sight, squeeze, bang. Sight, squeeze, bang.

Almost boring if it wasn't so much fun.

Here is an average 50 foot group with the Gold Dots and Win 231:

And HERE is an average group with the same bullet and 5.0 grains of Bullseye.

Remember, this is a short barrel 9mm compact pistol, not a 6" K-frame .38.

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