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Compact pricing??

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do you think the compact will be $369 at budsguns like it's bigger brother?
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Supply and demand will dictate the street price of the M&P Compact, so I suspect that the $369 pricing is unlikely, at least for the first few months of its sales.
i agree with that, this time im going to wait for the leo package anyway, i rather have my night sights installed from the get go.
Compacts on Sale in Ohio

Next week Vances' Shooter's Supplies in Columbus and Buckeye Outdoors will have M&P Compacts on sale for $459.

They currently have them in stock and on the shelf as of today at $529
Has anyone seen the compacts for sale in any other state other than Ohio--seems that's the only state I keep seeing.

I haven't seen them on Gunbroker, GunsAmerica or Davidsons....
Gander Mountain, Minneapolis, has Compact 9mm, $479.

I've seen a couple compact 9mm at two different Gander Mountain stores in the Denver area. They are $499 here though.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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