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Companion long gun for the M&P?

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Has anyone else looked into this?

I was kind of looking at the Hi-point .40 S&W carbine as a companion long gun to my .40 M&P. I already have the 9mm version of the Hi-point, and I've had good results with it. The idea is that I can feed a long gun and pistol from the same cartridge box. I don't have any ballistics charts to compare it to, but I think that a .40 caliber bullet coming out of a carbine barrel would be a blistering little package.
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If I were going with an identical calibered carbine to go with it, I'd probably go with a Beretta Storm over a Hi-point. The Storm is slightly less ugly than the Hi-point imho. The better companion to the M&P is the M&P 15.
I agree, the 40 while powerful will not go the distance. at 200 yards the 40 is a tumbling pebble, while the 223 is a lethal object.

I'm looking at an FN FAL 308
I use the AK as well as an AR-15. For long range M-24w/ scope.

A .40 isnt even a concideration. Not even in it's wildest dreams.
I am thinking of getting a SA M1A.. My buddy picked one up and it is a nice rifle... Heavy.. But nice... I also like how it fires the 308rd.. Bigger bullet.. Bigger hole..

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Jester said:
...I'm looking at an FN FAL 308

Excellent gun. Be sure to look at the DSA SA58. It is the best FAL ever made. A little pricey, but well worth it.

This is what I intend to use as a primary to the M&P 9mm

Rock River M4

Aimpoint ML2 with Larue mount

Larue BUIS

Surfire M73 handguards

Tango Down pistol grip

Pentagon light

Boonie Packer Hackathorn 2 point sling
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Nice rifle Ricky T.
I have a PTR91 Carbine (HK91 clone)...excellet rifle for the price.
Here's one of my companions!!

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