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CR SPeed mag pouch question

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Does anyone know which CR Speed mag pouches fit the M&P 9mm mags? I don't know if it would be the:

GL Small: Small frame Glock Mags 9mm & 40cal


9MM Box: Beretta, Browning HP, CZ 75/85 Springfield XD etc.

Thanks in advance!!
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Ok if you are going to use Crspeed get the Versa pouch. It will come with all shims to fit a variety of mags. If you are looking at this style also have a look Jrholster pouches.
I put another post on here earlier, but I would strongly recommend considering the i-Shot mag pouches from MP-Store. I have the single and love it. My post is in the accessories section if you want to check it out. Good luck.
The M&P mags are big than CZ mags, but a hair smaller than glock mags. You want something that can hold glock mags and adjust smaller.

Can't comment on the CR speed pouches other than the versa'a which should fit.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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