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Cross Breed Holster

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Anyone use a cross breed holster? A quick review would be nice?
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As soon as I get mine I'll let you know.
I have the SOB (Small of Back) one. It is well made, and they even modified it based on my request (grip down). They were also very nice and informative when I called with a questions about leather conditioning.

The only thing I don't like about it, is the fact that the SOB holster comes with only one belt clip instead of two. This makes it kind of unbalanced for me with a relatively heavy pistol (Sigma 9mm). In fact, because of that very issue, I used it leass than my other holsters.

Coming to think of it, I should call them and ask if they can fit a second clip on it, just like thier regular IWB holster.

I hope this helps --

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I like the idea of grip down!
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While I don't have one for an M&P, I have used Crossbreed Supertucks w/ two other firearms. I have used them with a Kahr CW9 and service size XD pistols. I find it very easy to conceal with these holsters (the XD being comparable in size to the M&P), they are of good quality, and they are extremely comfortable w/ the large leather backing. They do look a little odd at first, but once you get it broken in after a couple of days of use, you can easily forget that it is there. I would not hesitate to recommend them, in fact I have done so with many of my friends.
+1 on the comfort and with minor modification drawing is easy.
Doesn't the muzzle/front sight dig into your pants and show wear after a while. I can see how the front sight could eventually put a hole in your pants :oops:
I just got the super tuck deluxe and i love it. I tried a Ctac had it for a day and tried everything to get it to fit right or be comfortable and sent it back the next day. The crossbreed arrived saturday and i put it on with my 40c in it and started doing yard work. Didnt even notice it was even there it was so comfortable. The only prob i have, is that the compact sits a wee bit lower than i would like, but it is nice and bothe the fullsize and compact fit in it nicely.
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