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So I get my new 9mm today (ordered perfectly from Bud's Guns @$399), get it home, pull out the magazine, and notice that it is stamped ".40 S&W .357"... Hmmm... holes in side only go up to 15 rds... Hmmm....

Spare mag is labelled 9mm, capacity 17 rds...

So I call customer service, and explain it. They will send a new magazine, and if I return the .40 (they said I could keep it--give it away, or whatever) they will send me another 9mm mag...

Shouldn't have happened, but they are making it right, and one better...

I got a hold of someone at 7:30 pm EDT--don't know if they stay open for west coast time zone, but still surprised to find someone there on Fri night...

Tomorrow comes the fun!!
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