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I got a chance to shoot and take apart a M&P .45 today and noticed a few differences.

The pistol was a black no safety model.

There was no hole or plug for the key lock good riddance.

The frame was cut for the thumb safety and the frame had a little removable filler plug to fill in the gap if the thumb safety was not installed.

The sear block is a bit different and not interchangeable at all. Most of the changes seem to be due to the thumb safety.

The ejector is quite a bit different and it is curved and held in place by the sear pin. The pin itself has a rim (like a nail head) on the ejector side.

The frame is a bit bigger than the 9mm/40s and therefore would not fit in my 9mm holster

Anyway it shot well, I could keep it on 4" plate at 30 yards off hand.

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