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Doh, Bud's gun shop "forgot" to put my two extra g

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I just got my SW1911SC Gunsite edition + my M&P40.... I love both pistols BUT my M&P only had 1 grip come with it?!

I tried calling Bud's but they close at 5:00 EST. So I'll call them again tomorrow. How in the world can they mess that up? Either it never came with the grips from S&W or they were using this particular piece as a display model and were playing with it and left the grips out?

I didn't see any grubby fingerprints or scratches on it...just wondering what happened.
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I'd call smith after buds, often times shops like that never even open the boxes, just ship them out... Either way Smith or buds will make it right, I'm sure.
my order from buds had everything in my box..
This seems to be a recurring theme. With S&W, not Bud's.
Bud's had a few in the show case, but when I got mine it was pulled from the back room.
Look between the foam and case. For some reason S&W loves to hide accessories there.
I looked very hard in the case...they're not there. I called Bud's and they said it would be easiest if I called S&W. I called S&W and spent maybe 5 minutes on the phone with them, they took my address down and said extra grips are on their way. So they should be here in a week or so!

S&W was very good about helping me!
with service like that who could hate them. :wink:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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