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**Update after two months of using this holster**

This was the best holster investment I've made. The holster is so easy to remove quickly that I cannot imagine going back to a holster that requires my belt to be removed.

At first, the metal clip is VERY tight and difficult to flex over the belt. But it gets more flexible over time. So far, the clip has not failed to retain the holster on my Gunner's Alley belt. The trick is to be sure that the end of the clip is under the belt. Once its there, it will stay there.


Don Hume H715M-36-4 1/2"

I just purchased this holster and am very happy with it. It replaces an outside waist band holster from Don Hume that requires looping the belt through the holster. After reading a few posts here and doing some further studying, I decided that ordering a Glock 22 holster would probably work best And that seems to be correct. I am very happy with the Don Hume H715M-36-4 1/2" holster. Like other leather holsters, the holster fit is VERY tight when new, but after a few days, it fits well.

I purchased this holster at Gunner's Alley. Delivery was very fast - just a couple of days.


Primary goal: was to tighten the pistol to my rib cage. This holster definately succeeds in this goal.

Secondary goal: To find a holster that does not require me to unbuckle my waist belt in the car when it is necessary to remove the sidearm. This solution works great in this goal also.

Here are the images:

Side view on my waist:

Front view on my wast. Note how snug the gun is to my ribs:

Outside view:

Inside view:

End view - good length fit:

I included this picture of a draw to demonstrate that the clip needs to be securely fastened to a sturdy belt. (Mine is a Gunner's Alley) The draw from this holster takes a lot of pulling force - especially when the holster is new. If the clip is not fully over the belt (for example, because the belt is too wide), then the holster will come out with the M&P.

Finally: The clip will scratch an aluminum brief case if you carry the case on your strong-side shoulder. That's not a problem for me. I just change the way I carry the case.


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mcone said:
[quote name='scottr']Thats good to know with the leather because some Kydex in G22 won't fit you have to use a G21. Looks good.

Is the G21 larger or smaller than the G22?


21 is larger than 22.

FYI, my M&P won't fit in a kydex holster for a glock 19 (same slide/dust cover profile as the 22) either.

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Don Hume has always had a good reputation for quality, when I was a Deputy all my duty leather gear was from Don Hume.

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The H715s that I've used have not been all that tight. They are designed to use the tension of the belt inside the waistband to help hold everything together.

I suspect that if you'd ordered for a G21 vs a G22, that things would not be as tight as you've experienced. I love this model holster, and though I don't use them exclusively for carry, everyone of my handguns resides in one when not in use. Makes for a great 'grab-n-go' set up.

Think I'll go ahead and order one from Gunner's for a G21 and see what happens. Will report back.


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I didn't have 2 months to wait, so I remolded my Glock 17 M715 to fit my M&P.

I had a Don Hume M-715 (IWB Holster with metal belt clip) that was made for a Glock 17. I remolded it by doing the following:

I got is wet in warm water,

I took my gun and attached a dental pick to the top of the slide with rubberbands. This was to mold the sight channel.

I put my UNLOADED M&P in a ziplock bag and got all the air out of the bag.

I shoved the gun into the holster and molded it around the gun.

I set it in front of a small fan on low for a couple of days, moving it occasionally to let it dry.

Works great!

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This holster looks a lot like the Bianchi Profesional 100 line. I have one for my Glock 17 but the clip can get get loose after a year or so. But they are very inexpensive and comfortable. I have had Hume OWB holsters from my 1911 days and they are really good quality.
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