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The following is a fellow members response from Ebay concerning their new policy of not selling anything related to the firing of a gun.

Dear eBay Member,

Thank you for writing eBay in regard to our newly revised policy

concerning the sale of gun parts. I can certainly understand your

frustration in this matter and would like to clear this up for you.

While eBay hasn't allowed the sale of any item regulated by individual

states or the federal government in the past, there are still a large

number of firearm-related parts that are legal and are widely available

in retail stores. These items have also historically been allowed on


Now, we are extending our policy to prohibit the sale of any item that

is required for the firing of a gun. These items include bullet tips,

brass casings, shells, barrels, slides cylinders, magazines, etc. Our

decision exceeds the requirements of federal and state regulations for

safety and ensures our US and Canadian policies are in line with our

eBay sites around the world.

Below, I have given you a list of the parts which are not


- Receivers

- Frames

- Silencers

- Converters

- Barrels

- Choke tubes

- Slides

- Cylinders

- Magazines

- Firing pins

- Trigger Assemblies

- Live ammunition

- Bullets

- Brass/casings

- Shells

- Primers

- Gunpowder

- Any assault weapon-related parts or accessories

- Any part or accessory prohibited for sale by federal or California


The following items will continue to be permitted:

- Trigger guards

- Stocks

- Butt plates

- Pistol grips

- Holsters

- Storage cases

- Grips

- Cleaning supplies

- Cases

- Racks

- Slings

- Dies

- Molds

- Scopes

Please be aware that this policy has been in full effect since August

the 13th. With that said, any violating listings at this time will be

removed from the site. Please keep in mind that you can still purchase

these items from other businesses in the United States.

I am very sorry for the disappointment this has caused.

It is my pleasure to assist you. Thank you for choosing eBay.



eBay Customer Support

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Sounds like they are concerned about liability.

"Our decision exceeds the requirements of federal and state regulations for

safety and ensures our US and Canadian policies are in line with our

eBay sites around the world. "

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They are just trying to do what they feel is right. And of course, they have that right, because it is their business.

Unfortunately, it has pretty much just ended up being the liberal's agenda peeking its ugly head out through a reputable company.

It will only get worse.

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I'm a liberal and its not my agenda. Not everyone can be classified so easily. For example many members of the NRA are registered Democrats which every NRA member should be glad of. Strength in numbers from people with a variety of political beliefs is a good thing for gun owners.

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I meant the gun-grabber extreme left. Sorry. I even have "some" liberal views.

I figured most on this site would get what I meant.

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Let me add something to this... a kid can buy firearm components for a weapon with little to no proof, and the only thing that is really considered a "gun" is the lower reciever. For a kid that really wants a gun... a trip to the hardware store, and you can make a lower reciever for an AK47... won't last long unless you got good metal, but you'll have one. I think that is what may be driving eBay.
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