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Well, I reckon it's time for an introduction. I've been shooting since I was 11 and joined the Boy Scouts. I started seriously getting into handguns when I bought a Walther P99 9mm about a year ago. I promptly took several training classes and loved it so much that I became a certified coach at the range I'm a member at. I've learned more coaching than in any class I've ever taken!
Coaching has also given me a very broad exposure to the many handguns on the market today (although I must admit that pretty close to 80% of handguns going through the classes are Glocks...).

So how did I come to find this forum? Well, it all began with my mom's wish for a mother's day present. You see, she's not just any mom. I must say she's the coolest mom in the World! She wanted a gun for Mothers Day!
So my dad and I took her shopping and she picked up an M&P .40 and fell in love with it's feel (which was a first for her). We bought it then and there. Well that evening we took her to the range and tried it out for the first time. Now here's where I made my mistake. I shot it too! I'm now officially hooked.

As soon as I get enough money scraped together, I'm hoping to get a matched M&P compact and fullsize .40cal set. They will be carried in a Blade-Tech UCH holster on a Blackhawk CQB carbon fiber belt (my favorite setup for my P99) and they will be loaded with Speer Goldot ammo. Oh, I forgot to mention in addition to my P99 I have a SIG 229 .40cal w/ crimson trace grips. That's my HD gun as IMHO it's to heavy for EDC. I have CCW permits in Oregon (where I live) and Washington and I'm waiting to get my Utah permit as well.

As for the Walkingbush name? That came from my days in the good ol' BSA (Boy Scouts of America). We had a pretty competitive troop when it came to things like capture the flag. I got really into camouflage and ended up building several ghillie suits. I'm sure you can fill in the rest...

I really enjoy the site and am looking forward to learning much more. Thanks for all the info here!



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Let me be the first to say WELCOME!

Loved the background info too, especially about Mom ... Funny thing, but we went through nearly the exact same situation at a local gun shop.

I had researched revolver after revolver ... We both held about a dozen or so, and finally we said, let's see how a pistol feels and wouldn't you know, the first thing out of the cabinet was an M&P 9.

Funny but the :emote: ooOOOoo was the first thing we both said when we held the M&P.

Wish I could say the trip resulted in a purchase, but I'm a research it to death before buying kinda guy, so now, I'm waiting on Bud's to get them back in stock! LOL!

You'll enjoy it over here, everyone's really helpful, though it sounds like with your experience, you'll be providing more answers than questions!

Glad to have ya here!
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