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Hi everyone. I was looking at getting some new mags. I really like the ETS clear mag. For the price point, they're polymer, and they're clear. I also want to increase the capacity. Having said that I don't like the 9 or 12 round they make. I still want to try to keep this gun as my relaxed carry gun- as small/compact as possible. This is also why I'm not the biggest fan some of the mag extension from Hyve or the like. It's doesn't fit in with the application of this gun. It might for you and that's perfectly fine! You do you!

What I'm looking at this setup: Elite Tactical Systems 7rd mag with either an NDZ Base plate or the Magguts base plate. I go back and forth between the two schools of thought: 1) add just space for the little finger or 2) if you're gonna add that space up front for the finger, you might as well add it to the back of the mag too. On the Magguts site they say it only works with OEM mags but you see on YouTube setups that mix and match to some degree.

Anyway...TL;DR: I'm wondering anyone has any experience with the setup of an ETS 7rd mag with a Magguts z-spring and a different baseplate like the NDZ (or the Magguts) or if ETS mag will only accept their baseplates.

Thanks for your input!
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