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Extractor pic request

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I just purchased an M&P 9 and the first time out I had several FTE episodes using WWB. The extractor does not have a hook on it or anything, like some I have seen before in other makes of guns. Could someone post a picture of an M&P extracor so I know what it is supposed to look like? Maybe mine is broke. If it is broke can I replace it myself?
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You cannot replace an M&P extractor yourself.

The extractor should have a hook or claw. The guns are test fired from the factory so I don't see how there would be a broken extractor getting out of the factory but anything is possible I guess.

If you could post up a picture of your extractor that may help us.

If the claw is broken call S&W and they will fix it for you on their dime including shipping both ways.
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Thanks, I have a friend who has an M&P 40. I'll compare it to his and if it's broken I"ll just call

smith & wesson. Thanks again.
Talking about extracters, a buddy of mine ordered a 45 HK. When It got to the local gun shop the dealer called him and told him there is a problem with his pistol. It didnt have a extracter. The didnt have one at all, it was missing. Needless to say he was very angry and didnt want the pistol. He got a Kimber instead, now he happy.
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