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Fate has led me here

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My first pistol was a popular polymer one purchased before the M&P was introduced. I had grown to love it, but the M&P's had really caught my attention as a significant improvement over my aging combat tupperware. However, family finances prevented buying another gun.

Then one day, I happened to WIN ONE in my local IDPA club's annual drawing at the safety officer appreciation dinner. Whoopie!

I shared my joy with my friends on the TXCHLForum and the first response I got told me that I should immediately get a trigger job from Dan Burwell. A few searches on the subject led me to this forum and I've found such good information I decided to join. Of course, I had to come up with a new screen name since on other forms I am known as "GlockenHammer". That didn't seem appropriate here. :roll:

I'm an experienced shooter, but just learning about my new pistol. With the money I "saved" by winning the pistol, I plan to have some highly recommended work done to include a standard trigger job, bobtail and an NP3 nickel-teflon finish. I love my new M&P and plan to love it even more when I get it back from Dan.
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Welcome aboard, and Congratulations on winning the M&P.
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