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Federal 165gr EFMJ

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I have finally decided on a .40 cal. round to carry in my M&P. It was a hard choice.. I have been having an internal debate for some time about this... and after much reading, comparing ballistic tables, and looking at pictures of bullet expansion... I feel like the best round for me is the Federal 165gr. EFMJ round. (Click the link for even more info about the round.)

The idea, is that jacketing a basically hollow point round, with a rubber insert in the head.. will provide a more accurate round.. as it should not succumb to the aerodynamic problems of most hollow points. Not only that, but the round should not "plug", allowing for more consistent expansion across a wide variety of barriers. (IE clothing, drywall, windshields, etc...)

The construction of the round seems to be based on a very sound concept:

And the accuracy and penetration look to be pretty impressive.

Of course.. all this is just from me sitting here on my computer, looking into things.. I have yet to have shot a single round of this stuff. I decided, after weighing the cost, accuracy, expansion, of other rounds and decided that I would put some money on this. I was very interested in the Hornady XTP TAP rounds.. but the EFMJ looks like it is a better performer, and is less expensive. I bought 500 rounds from so I am putting my money where my mouth is.

If anyone else has experience with this round, I would love to hear your thoughts. I would also like to know if it is reloadable? I don't reload myself, but I have a friend who does... It's always cool to recycle whenever possible.

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YukonGlocker said:
I prefer a quality HP myself.

So did I my friend.. but I have been thinking.. and reading.. That's always a dangerous thing for me... LOL

Some common sense things struck me though. The aerodynamics of a hollow point just has to be affected by a big empty space on the nose of the bullet... and the fact that the expansion of almost all hollow point bullets depends on hydraulics. The EFMJ takes those problems out of the loop. Call me crazy, but this seems like a good bet.

I have always used either Hdra-shock, or Gold-dot ammo.. not because I knew much about them, but I figure if cops use them, then it's good enough for me... but the more I look into it, there are better alternatives out there.

For me.. I think the EFMJ round is a pretty good looking bullet. My second choice would be the Hornady XTP TAP round... for different reasons. I have to look at my own situation, and make a decision based on that. I want a round that will penetrate.. expand.. and is more accurate than I am. I think that both the EFMJ and the XTP TAP rounds suit that purpose.. but the EFMJ has an edge because it is less expensive, and makes more sense to me.

To each there own... but I do appreciate the discussion. If I am wrong about this, then I expect to be told so. I like the discussion.

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YukonGlocker said:
EFMJ has unfortunately exhibited inconsistent terminal performance. In no case, has an EFMJ performed as well as the better JHPs in each caliber.

Well.. that doesn't make me very happy.. I hope you are wrong about that.. I just bought 500 rounds of the stuff!! I have looked carefully at the stats, and I have not found the negatives that you mention.. but that is the way people sell things I suppose.

If and when you do some testing, I will be looking forward to your results. I am expecting to get my 500 rounds on the 27th. I figure I will put 100 rounds into a wet telephone book.. another hundred into a deer head.. (It's the season.. I should be able to get somebody to donate a deers head) and another 100 or so into some paper. I will certainly post my results.

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