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Fiber Optic Sights

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Is anyone making fiber optic sights for the M&P? I have talked to Novak's and they expect to make them, but don't know when.
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I figured novak would have them already since they make the sights on the pistol???

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Are these the same sights that you illuminate with flashlight and they glow for an hour or so?
nope. tritium sounds like what your talking about, but you don't need light to activate it. Its a radioactive gas that has a half life of about 12 years. Glows well for 12, then half as bright, and so on.
I am familiar with tritium as my Beretta 92 has these. This is what I'm talking about, "The high definition 3-dot sight system is coated in Superluminova®, a special photosensitive material. Short exposure to any kind of light, is enough to ensure long lasting luminescence of up to 30 minutes. Rear and front sights can be removed for replacement with other types of sights."

My bad, it was 30 min instead of an hour. At least one new handgun on the market is installing these standard. It was my thinking that the M&P came with these.
ha, I stand corrected... didn't know they were still making sights with that stuff..

has put together prototypes, and should ahve a product shortly. That info is a few weeks old, so you might contact them to find out the status of their product.
Thanks raz-0, we have the sight blanks ready and will finish to whatever the customer needs. This allows us to provide semi-custom front sights at a reasonable cost. Let me know if you guys have any questions.
Hey Kenny:

How much for your front sight? My factory front is a little loose, I might have to break down for one of those new fangle gamer fiber.
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Hey Ricky, the fiber optic sight is $35 in whatever width and height you want. The standard sight (no fiber optic) is 27.50 and both include front serrations if you want them. I also have the blanks for $15 if you want to whittle on it yourself. FYI, our fiber optic sights are the "non-gamer" sights....
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