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Field strip question on take down lever

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I've had my M&P9 for 6 months, and while I don't remember this happening when I first got it, it's been doing this for a while, so I thought I'd ask the question. When I go to disassembly the gun, here's what happens.

1. Remove mag

2. Lock slide back

3. Push down sear release

4. Rotate take down latch 90 degrees

Here's the problem (or is it?) when I go to release the slide, I use my left hand to push back the slide from the middle section of the slide and my right thumb to push down the slide release, holding the grip with my right hand. However, as I release pressure and let the slide forward, I need to take my left thumb and keep pressure on the take down latch otherwise it will rotate up as the barrel passes over it and bind up (requring my to pull the slide back, lock it, then rotate the take down lever down again, and follow the above process). Is this normal? It's an earlier gun without the modified slide release.

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ok, so it does say "hold" the level. Thanks.
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