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Took both the new M&P9c and the used, but just purchased, M&P40 to the range today.

First up was the 9c. Total of 200 rounds through it without any issues. 150 rounds of WWB 115gr and 50 Speer Gold Dot 124gr. Very comfortable to shoot and extremely accurate.

Next, the 40. It too had no issues with 225 rounds through it. 150 rounds of WWB 165gr, 50 rounds Winchester Ranger 180gr, and 25 rounds of Golden Sabre 165gr. This has got to be the softest shooting 40 S&W I've shot (previously shot XD, Glock 22 and 23, Sig P229).

Needless to say, I'm very happy with my recent purchases and look forward to my next trip to the range. After the next trip and another 200 or so rounds each, I will feel comfortable putting them into official "carry gun" status.
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