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I posted a couple of weeks ago when I got myM&P9 from Buds....just got a chance to shoot it this weekend! :oops:

Sorry folks, I have a full time job, get up at 3:30AM to commute 2 hours each way to work.

Doesn't leave a lot of time left over, ESPECIALLY now with the time change, and it getting dark at like 5:00PM now....sigh

Anyhow, back to the shooting, I like just about everything about my new pistol.

It is accurate, shot the WWB and Fiochi ammo I had fine(put about 130 rounds through it).No problems at all, ammo wise.

But---my trigger seems a little "gritty" or maybe "crunchy" is a better word. :?

It is as I first pull on the trigger for a bit.

Is this normal, and something that will go away as the M&P gets used more??

I have never had a pistol with a "hinged" type trigger, so help me out this normal or no?

Thanks folks.


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I think this is fairly normal. You'll probably find a few other posters here talking about the same experience. Most will tell you that the trigger should smooth up some after more shooting and dry fire.

Sounds like you had a good shooting session. Congrats on your new gun, by the way.
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