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Finally...I got one

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I have been lurking on the site for some time now. I have been in the market for a handgun for a while, I have previously owned a XD 9 but sold it quite a while ago. That was my first handgun and only put maybe 30 rounds thru it. I was going to get another XD and then on one of the XD forums I read good things about the M&P, so I started looking and never looked back. I found one and took a half day at work yesterday so I could drive 2 hrs and go get it so I could shoot it today. I got the 9C, I put about 180 rounds thru it today and love it.

Now I need some help. I have only shot maybe 50 rounds total thru any handgun before today. I started at shooting horrible not even hitting the paper every time (11 x 18 target maybe). By the end I was at least hitting the paper with all 12, they are somewhat centered up but they are all low. What am I doing? I can't seem to figure it out. Thanks for any input.
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Yeah man congrats ur going to love the gun i know i love mine!! if it goes bang everytime whats not to love?

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