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Finished my CWP Class

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Well.. I just finished up my CWP class.. I got 94 on the written and got 100% on the shooting.. I used my M&P 40 to qualify of course.. Now the waiting begins... I know they won't find anything.. I used to have a secret clearence... Just the waiting part is going to kill me.. LOL

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Congrats. Yes, it's a long wait.

How long do you estimate the wait?
Well.. From what the instructor said.. The wait is usually 60 to 90 days.. Which puts it around the time of my birthday.. That is when I will go get a nice M&P40c..
I got to check it out at the gun shop where the course was being held..

I forgot to mention that it was really hard to keep from making big holes in the target yesterday.. The instructor said not to do it because by law he had to actually count 35 holes to pass.. A few of the places on the target I grouped 5 in a nice circle.. LOL It was hard because I had practiced for tight groups.. Also, I didn't know they can take it away from you if you get too many moving violations.. Which struck me as odd... Oh well..

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Moving violations are a pretty good indicator of irresponsible behavior. Consider that I write a maximum of 4 tickets a shift, I work 5 days a week and I often don't have time to enforce traffic laws. If you figure that the max number of tickets I can manage to write is around 20 a week and somewhere around 1040 tickets a year... and concider that I work in a city of about 400,000 people... you get the idea. If you manage to rack up a bunch of moving violations then you are showing a pattern of EXTREMELY poor judgement when driving. If you really consider how few cops there are out on patrol compared to the number of cars on the road. People with a lot of moving violations are working hard to get them.

Time to go shopping for my M&P40c...

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