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Firing Pin Block

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I was just cleaning my M&P9c before heading to the range and noticed that the firing pin can be pushed forward without pressing in the firing pin block plunger. It can be pushed forward exposing the tip but it doesnt retract back in until I push the firing pin block plunger in a tad. Is this normal and or safe?
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i was curious about this so i took mine down and tried pushing the firing pin in like you said. My 40c doesn't do this. You have to push down the round pin before you can move the firing pin.
WHen you disassemble, If you used the sear deactivation lever, you should have to push in the firing pin safety in order to move the striker forward. Once you have, you will be able to repeatedly move it forward, and will have to pull it back like it would be to catch on the sear in order for the firing pin safety to reset, and you may have to press the FPS to get proper unrestricted movement to do so.

If you take down by pulling the trigger, you will likely not have to press the firing pin safety as the striker moved into the forward position when tripped. I have had the sear just push the whole slide back enough that the timing was off and it hung on the FPS though, but not usually.
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