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Took my new (purchased yesterday) M&P 45 to the range this afternoon. Cleaned the gunk out first then ran 80 rounds of WWB through it. No malfunctions and I loved the trigger. But I'm used to my Taurus 24/7 which has a really long pull. I've read some complaints about the M&P trigger but I'm happy.

Accuracy was good for me. I was hitting within about 8-12" at 25 yards off hand - paper plates, plastic bottles, etc., no paper targets. After I get more rounds through it, I'll try it on the bench with different brands of ammo.

I couldn't make up my mind on the palmswell. Small or medium for me. I like the way the small handles but the medium would be more comfortable for shooting a lot of rounds. My hand started getting sore near the end of the session. If I decide to start carrying this one, I'll probably leave the small in. If this is only going to be a "fun" gun, I'll go with the medium.

I left the last 20 rounds in the magazines to stretch the springs (does that really work?) so hopefully they loosen up for next weekend. Getting the last round in was difficult but I'm sure it will get better.

All in all, I'm impressed with the 45.
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