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First post... here goes.

Caveat Emptor... I'm new to firearms. That said, after my first purchase I was addicted... lol! My journey started w/ the wife and I deciding we wanted a home protection firearm. We couldn't decide on one so settled for his and hers (his HK USP 40 S&W and hers Glock 19). We both decided to train w/ some friends and get our CHL (that's Texas yall). Mild obsession is starting for me now.

I've been looking for another 9mm ever since I started packing up the firearms in the range bag one day (including the wife's Glock 19) and the wife says "Your're not going to leave me here unarmed are you?". I was annoyed yet I had no good response and her point was valid. At that juncture I needed my own 9mm. My own home self defense firearm is the HK and I also purchased (for myself) a Walther P22 for plinking. I liked the Glock because the 9mm is a bit cheaper to shoot when I just want to shoot a more full size handgun than the Walther.

So... I'm so very sad (not) that I need to purchase a 9mm for myself. After much research I chose the Smith & Wesson M&P 9. I would have liked another HK (really like how my USP shoots), but I was looking to go a little more frugal. Enter Buds Gun Shop and a really good deal on the M&P 9 with free shipping. Trolled this site for a bit, took the problems w/ a grain of salt, and went for it.

First day at the range today. 100 rounds, no FTE, no FTF, and all of the rounds are ejecting out to 4/5 O'Clock'ish (i.e. no rounds hitting me). My first impression is that... wow, this is much more controllable than my HK (in 40 S&W). I didn't notice that big of difference between the HK and the Glock 19, but it could be the difference between the full size and a more compact size like the Glock 19. Obviously a Glock 17 would be more direct comparison. I'm not one of the all-star shooters that you see posting their target pics (not that there's anything wrong w/ that), I'm more of the average schmuck shooter. Anyway... out of 17 rounds I managed to keep about 12 of them in the 7 ring or better at 15 yards.

All in all I am very please w/ my purchase, thought I was a little freaked out at first becaue of the increasing gap between the slide and the front of the receiver (a few searches on this site calmed me down and convinced me I didn't get a warped receiver).

Take care...


Granted, I'm not a *great* shooter, but I was pretty please w/ the result. I've been shooting for 5 months now (4 handguns and a Mauser) and I'm looking forward to my second IDPA match w/ my M&P 9. Count me as a first impression fan of the M&P
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