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Went to my first IPSC match with my .40 fullsize. The pistol was flawless in performance. No issues of any kind. Mine was the only M & P at the match but only one person even asked about it. Mostly Glocks or whatevers (STI's that kinda thing) not in the same class.

I used Blazer 180 gr. Alu. case, I didn't want to police my brass and found this to be pretty clean shooting for the @ 150 rounds at the match. It seems to me that my pistol really likes 155 gr. ammo, that's a very subjective statement at this point as I have less than a 1000 rounds thru this gun so far, so if I could find Blazer 155 or 165 gr. it might be better for me.

Had a good time and really like the handling characteristics of this pistol.
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