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Well I picked up my first handgun today, an MP9. So far I have field stripped it and cleaned the bore using CLP and patches, leaving a soaked patch for the last pass. I also used a brush to clean around all the part and then dried them with Q-tips. I also soaked the spring and blew it dry with compressed air. Then I used a Q tip with CLP to lube the points around the barrel and on the frame. Then put it back together and left it with a small film of CLP on the metal. I have a few questions.

Is this the right routine for cleaning and storing my gun?

My rear sight is not centered on the gun, is this a normal thing? I have not shot it yet, so I cant tell on the accuracy.

How to I clean and prepare the magazines for use? I hear you should clean them to get the factory crud off but I am not sure how.

I have been reading as I could for the last few weeks before buying this gun. I am ready to take it out this weekend and shoot some different ammo I picked up, WWB, UMC, some reloads, and Federal HST +P.



Edit: I tried to add a pic but I cant, sorry.

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A good cleaning is the best thing to do with any new firearm. You might have gone a little overboard on the oiling, your owner's manual shows the lube points, and it only takes a little. It's not a great idea to leave the bore really oily, at this point running a clean dry patch through the bore would be a good idea, 1 pass and you are good to go. If you were going to put it away for a year or two, leaving oil in the bore is a good idea, otherwise mostly dry.

Just wipe the mags down, eventually you will want to take them down and clean thoroughly, but they shouldn't need it right now.

Don't mess with the rear sight till you have shot it, if it needs to be moved to correct the point of impact, then move it.

You can post photos after your post count is a little higher, I don't remember the exact number but it's pretty low.
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