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first pistol ever purchased.

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hey every one im new to this forum and just wanted to introduce myself. i purchased my first pistol which happens to be the M&P 40. i spent alot of time going to the gun store and just looking, renting and shooting infinite makes and models. my biggest problem is the fact that i am a left handed shooter. recently my local gun store had a huge sale on handguns. i went with the intention on buying the walther p99 due to its ambi features. well, little did i know there was a pistol, that i would be purchasing that almost blended in with the literaly rows of handguns due to its plan black finish. the only reason i picked it up was the price was right. 499.00 as soon as i picked up the M&P 40 i knew this gun was made specificaly with me in mind. now even though this is my fisrt offical hand gun i have spent alot of time on the range renting or borowing diferent hand guns. im very familiar with the glock 23 which i had contiplated buying on several ocasions but due to it being a right handed shooter, i felt like i should wait for something better to come along (M&P 40). all and all i just wanted to say thank you to Smith & Wesson and hello to all you proud owners of the M&P series.
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