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First Range report

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M&P 9c and my first trip to the range.

a. It ate 200 rds of CCI Blazer Brass, Remington UMC, Winchester White box without a hiccup.

b. It did NOT like Remington Golder Saber at all. It failed to feed a few times, plus I could physically hear and feel the slide behaving differently with the Hollowpoints as opposed to FMJ

Any one have similar experience with Golder Sabers? Any other HP that work well?
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Remember hollow point rounds are premium rounds and even though most are standard pressure rounds, they are on the higher end of standard pressure, therefore will have a little more felt recoil. I have had no problems with the Golden Sabers but I carry Speer GoldDot 124gr in my M&P9c.

Also remember to keep a good grip on the gun. It is common for people to get to relaxed with their grip (limp wristing), especially with compact guns, and this can cause failure to eject. This is especially true with premium rounds.

If you want hollow points with low felt recoil try the Hornady TAP 147gr. rounds.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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