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First time shooting my new M&P 40C

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This is my first handgun in .40 S&W and I bought it for the purpose of carrying concealed. The ergonomics for me is outstanding. I have a generic nylon IWB holster made by Shooting Systems and that works but is not as comfy as I'd like so I need now to by a quality IWB too. And to think I've been lugging around a SIG P226 all this time, even in the summer.

Went to the range last night to try it out. Brought along 50 rounds of 180 gr. FMJ CCI Brass Blazer, 50 rounds of 165 gr. FMJ Federal AE, and 20 rounds of 180 gr. GDHP Speer Gold Dot. The gun was very pleasant to shoot. I did not think I'd like shooting it with the non finger rest magazine but it proved to be manageable. The range is limited to 5 rounds at a time only. The first two mags had the 180 gr. FMJ and in both instances, the slide locked open prematurely on the last round coming up. Ran the next two mags with the 165 gr. FMJ and those locked open properly on the last round though the nest two mags locked open prematurely on the last round using the same 165 gr. ammo. Tapping the mags on the bench to ensure the rounds are all lined up to the rear of the mag did greatly reduce the number of these incidents in subsequent mags with either brand of FMJ but I shouldn't have to do this!. I guess I'll be calling S&W to get that replacement spring for the magazine catch.

Accuracy was pretty good at 20 and 30 feet. Tried it at 50 feet and did not too well at all. Surprisingly those rounds that did connect were in the black. I don't get to shoot my handguns as much as I'd like and usually go thru an entire box of ammo before I settle in. The trigger in this gun is heavier than in any of my other guns. Still, I can live with it and plan on working on my skills to overcome the occasional flyer because of the heavier trigger.

Overall I am pleased with this purchase but will have address the magazine catch issue. Sucks having to be worried about clearing a malfunction in a brand new gun.
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Sorry to hear of your problems. :?

The trigger will get better with use, a lot better. The slide locking open early is not something I have experienced. Maybe getting more rounds down range will clear it up, but with a 5 shot limit this could take a while to find out.

Feeding is generally not a problem with these little buggers. The mag drop thing is what you want to watch out for. Unfortunately, this seems to show its ugly head only after many mag changes and starts happening suddenly.

Out of curiosity, what is the third letter of the serial number?
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