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FN fans!

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The FN Forum ( ) just hit 4000 members today!

Also, we not have someone directly from the company (FNH) participating in our forum and answering questions in regular Q&A sessions!

If you are interested in the FNP handgun, the FS2000 rifle, the PS90 carbine, FN bolt action rifles, FN shotguns, the Five Seven handgun, the FN FAL or the Hi Power - come check out the FN Forum.

Also, the forum is NO LONGER locked - meaning non members can browse the forum too. But, we hope you come and join as a member.

Come check us out!
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What the Hell... :wink:
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Thanks to Jester for allowing me to post this!
Does FN still build a FAL?

Is so, do you think it's better than a DSA SA58?
Honestly - the FN FAL is not my area of expertise. I know more about the more modern FN weapons. But, I do know that no new ones are coming into the USA (current manufacturering by FNH USA).

U can still find new ones never fired, though....
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