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Fng from SC

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Just wanted to quickly introduce myself. Name's Josh, I'm in the Air Force, 21, blah blah... about 4 days ago I purchased a MP9c for personal protection/CCW. Never really wanted to, but decided it was time to carry some protection after getting in a wreck 2 weeks ago and having a 60+ year old man threaten to kill me(in my flight-suit, mind you) and my 5 month old daughter.
It was a terrible feeling knowing if he had attempted to do so I would have had no way of stopping him from hurting my little girl. I found this place via a google search - seems to be a lot of good people here with some great info/knowledge. Look foward to learning from you guys! Take care. -Josh
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Josh, welcome to the site and thank you very much for your service!

Sorry you had to deal with that a-hole but I know how you feel wanting to protect your little one.
This site is definitely great for taking in as much info. as you can handle. Enjoy!
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Welcome Josh...glad you were able to find this sure has a wealth of knowledge
Welcome Josh! Sorry to hear about the wreck and glad to hear all seems well now.
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