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Got myself a FNP-9 recently. Love the feel of the gun. 2 back straps. First time to the range I had a few FTF & FTE's with the 100 white box Wal-Mart ammo. Also a few failures to lock back slide on last shot. All the other hotter rounds were flawless. Felt recoil was very light.

Cleaned gun. Very simple take down, only took seconds. Locked slide in open position for 3 days & went back to range. Fired 90rds. Wal-Mart white box WW again. 20rds corbon 115g +P JHP & 20rds Fed. Hi- Shok 115g JHP. Gun performed flawlessly. Felt recoil seems really light. Fast follow up shots. First shot is a long & some what heavy ,but smooth DA trigger pull. Follow up SA shots are light, Maybe 4# and fairly smooth. Accuracy seemed average for this type of pistol.

So far I'm very pleased I bought this pistol. I almost bought a M&P & have no regrets. Also, I forgot to mention that most of the shooting I did was just point shooting, no sights, and the FNP performed quite well.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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