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For the Agencies that are using the M&P what configurati

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What I Mean is with or without the mag safety? that is my main question. Ive read about the Pros and Cons of this feature. My department that has not switched to the M&P but has allowed me to qualify and carry my personal M&P, but they would not have approved it if it had the mag disconnect. so I was wondering what other departments were doing?
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I just ordered the M&P in .45 acp. I went without the mag. safety, and without the frame mounted safety. Did get night sights and will be getting at least a light with the weapon. Hoping to scrounge enough for the light/laser combo if possible.

Forgot to add that this is for all Officer's in the department.
D/FW Airport DPS went without mag safety but included the key lock
Clearwater PD has the MP40 with mag safety.

Lapeer County SO, Michigan

Our department just went through transition training . . . we went with M&P .40 with magazine safety

Seems to be a big hit with even the Glock lovers
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My department went with the full-size .40 with night sights and mag disconnect.

Both my personal full-size M&Ps are sans mag-disconnect because I use them primarily for IDPA and the disconnect is a pain. My 9c has the disconnect, mostly because I couldn't find one with the night sights that didn't have the disconnect. Since I plan to use the 9c for IDPA backup matches in addition to carry I'd rather not have the disconnect.

As far as a duty weapon goes, I don't much care either way. Quite frankly I think a lot of my coworkers (who are not gun people) need all the passive safties they can get. At my reserve PD gig I carry a personally owned S&W 4566TSW that has a mag safety, and it doesn't bother me at all.
Our S&W's have all had mag safeties since 1991 or so, M&P included. We don't have the key lock.

On the mag safety- over the last 19 years, I've seen nigh onto 2 million rounds go downrange from S&W pistols with the mag safety. The only failures to fire I'm aware of were caused by improper magazine insertion and most took place on the 2nd round fired. This is exactly what would have happened in a weapon without a mag safety and the required remedial action-tap, rack, ready-is exactly the same.

The guys who complain about not being able to fire the round in the chamber aren't thinking things through. The only time this would be an issue would be in a tactical reload. You do this from cover either during a lull in the action or after everything's over.

Payne, take a real close look at the Streamlight TLR series. Make sure you get the 1913 rail key, the M&P rail is 1913 Picatinny spec.
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K said:
Clearwater PD has the MP40 with mag safety.
Is that Clearwater Florida?
we will be going with the mag safety on our M&P 40's
Cincinnati PD refused to use any pistol that did not have the mag safety. We have at least one officer who was saved by the mag saftey of the former S&W 9mm issued. S&W kept the mag saftey and thus kept Cincinnati as a customer.
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