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This my first forum and second M&P!

I bought my wife a Pro in 9mm last year and just purchased myself a 9c.

The trigger on the pro was great with a slight tweak to remove the grit, but the compact was horrific! Apex's FFS cleaned that right up and then some, I love it! The sights were pretty horrible too so I hit up 10-8 performance and fixed that little issue. Then even with my huge paws the mag release was a pain, so 21st Century's Catalyst fit the bill.

I love the gun, and believe in making any weapon your own (several Glocks and Berettas have been hacked up by my hand as well)

So finally here's my question? Do any of you have the serrations on top of the slide? I have found several options for getting it done, but how worth the coin is it? Does it actually aid in one handed operation more than my 10-8 rear sight?

I'm not into change for change sake or cosmetic appeal. If I spend the money I want a return when training or when the SHTF.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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